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Links to other Australian ukulele music recources

Ian Porter Music                                      

Ian Porter is a Sydney-based community musician who brings the social joys and technical skills of music to a broad audience. Using the ukulele and voice as tools, Ian leverages off his love of music and earlier study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to bring out the inner musician in all his students. He is  also a certified James Hill Ukulele Initiative teacher, Founding Secretary of the Australian Ukulele Teachers and Leaders Association Inc. and Musical Director of The Outlaws Big Ukulele Band. In 2019 Ian started the Willoughby Ukulele Orchestra workshop to explore multi-part arrangements using the ukulele.

Danielle Scott @ Ukulele Central                                           

Danielle Scott is a ukulele and Ubass teacher in Newcastle. You can read her amazing journey to ukulele on her site where she has many uke resources both free and for purchase.

She says: "I built Ukulele Central because I'm really interested in people, what they’re aiming for in music playing and how they learn. With that in mind, I've listened to what they have to say, researched, implemented methods and developed products to achieve results for ukulele and U-bass players."    

Links to International composers and arrangers

Colin Tribe - United Kingdom

Do you need a customised arrangement for your group? Read on!

'I enjoy hand crafting Ukulele ensemble arrangements, based on the instrumentation you have available and the levels of the players in your group. I will normally include a very basic part and a chord part for those setting out on their ukulele journey.

I can include Bass, Baritone, Low G as well as the High G re-entrant tuning. I am also be able to use any other non fretted instruments that is needed - flute, violin, cello etc.


The arrangements come with a full score and parts and a MIDI file or MP3 recording of my score.

Existing scores are $12.50 - new ones, made from scratch are $50


If desired I can do a Sibelius Video, but these are not easy to see to work out individual parts

Many previous one can be found on my YouTube channel.


Please contact if you are interested - I work quickly and will make sure the piece is playable, accurate (if I am transcribing an existing classical piece for instance) and also musically interesting!'


Air from the suite in D (Bach)


Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Handel)

Mexican Hat Dance


Peanut Vendor

Cantata 22 Sanctify us by thy name

Pirates of the Caribbean

Eine Klein Nacht Musik

Scarborough Fair

Entree de Polimnie

Singing in the Rain

Farewell to Stromness

Somebody that I used to Know

Game of Thrones

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Give My Regards to Broadway



The Harry Lime Theme


Vltava (Smetana)


Who Is Sylvia?


Zorba the Greek

Duets and Trios

Ah Robin, Gentle Robin

Lazy Bear

Baby Elephant Walk


Je Te Veux

Only Remembered For What We Have Done

Little Brown Jug

Brahms Lullaby

Tango Prelude II

Yellow Submarine

Guitar and Ukulele Duets

Bach Invention

Faure Pavane

Under construction

Matthew Quilliam -  United Kingdom

Lindsay Higgs - United Kingdom

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