Ukulele Music Australia is a site dedicated to supplying Aussie ukulele players with the music and resources of ukulele composers, arrangers, educators and teachers. We are particularly pleased to be the current suppliers of the materials of international artists, Samantha Muir and James Hill in Australia.

We would be most pleased to research and source the works of your favourites as well. Please let us know if you have any special requests. 


Cathy Welsford and Angie Smith perform as the Wild Women of Anywhere Beach and run high quality workshops at ukulele and folk events whenever and where ever possible. To hear them perform and check out their CD, Keep Laughing, Seriously, go to www.thewildwomenofanywherebeach.net.

Cathy and Angie, with a team of local volunteers, are the hosts and directors of

The Valla Beach Ukulele Camp and Beach Party  in Valla Beach NSW  (near Coffs Harbour) held in August last year and coming up again in 2020. The Ukulele Camp and Beach Party will again be featuring Samantha Muir in 2020. Go to www.vallabeachukulelecamp.net for updates and registration dates.

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