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Tony Mizen

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For the 

advanced player

Website and bio:


Seven new compositions for ukulele inspired by creepy crawlies

A collection of seven original compositions for solo ukulele: Ants, Spiders, Scorpions, Butterflies, Ladybirds, Fleas and Wasps.

They are written in both TAB and standard notation and are for advanced players.

Free mp3s of each piece can be downloaded from Tony's website. Details are given in the book. Jim Beloff, the well known publisher and world authority on the ukulele has described the music in the following way:

'The pieces are brilliant in every way! The compositions are sophisticated, the performances are first rate and I can think of nothing else quite like them in the current ukulele repertoire. Like a great impressionist, Tony paints with sound to bring each creature delightfully and musically to life. Bravo! '                                                                            JIM BELOFF


The book is beautifully illustrated by Hugh and Sadhbh McElveen.


Tony is a highly experienced ukulele and guitar teacher and teaches vis Zoom or Skype.

Visit his page for details.

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Paul Mansell and Tony Mizen

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