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Loretta Notareschi


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Advanced beginner level

Introspective and expressive, the Five Etudes are fingerstyle studies for the advanced beginner. Each etude is a destination in an emotional journey, beginning with one conundrum and ending with another. They guide the player toward mastery of certain left-hand shapes and right-hand fingerpicking and strumming patterns.

16 pages $15 AUD

Notareschi: Etude III - Thinking - YouTube


For the intermediate player

The Four Moods for ukulele are intermediate level pieces. Each mood is meant to be played expressively, with rubato (a give and take of tempo) and with personal phrasing and dynamics. The pieces have a mix of easier and more difficult techniques, which I hope will give players the opportunity to develop new skills while playing enjoyable music. 

The Four Moods are written to be played on any ukulele in re-entrant (high G) standard tuning. They will also work well with a low G tuning. 

6 pages $10 AUD

(1) Four Moods for solo ukulele by Loretta K. Notareschi - YouTube

Donald Bousted


For the intermediate player

The Songs Without Words are Loretta Notareschi's second cntribution to the fingerstyle ukulele repertoire for the intermediate player. The feature simple left-hand fingering and right-hand finger picking and strumming patterns. They may be performed as a complete set or individually. Each Song is a world unto itself, a little tune to be played simply.

6 pages $10 AUD

Go to Songs without Words for Ukulele – Loretta K. Notareschi, Composer ( to hear Samantha Muir play the 5 songs.

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