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50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele is a set of short pieces, about one-minute long each, created by Choan Gálvez to develop a variety of musical performance abilities and fingerpicking techniques.


All of these studies are written for C6 re-entrant tuning and can be played on any sized instrument within a range of 12 frets.


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This collection of short studies by Choan Gálvez is presented as a comprehensive fingerpicking ukulele method. It covers the presentation of a broad range of mandatory ukulele techniques and typical musical issues for beginner and intermediate players. Such subjects are pragmatically listed in a detailed index to guide the reader. In addition, the studies are not sorted by difficulty, and usually tackle more than one technical issue each: this makes for an interesting interplay of part and whole and several ways to approach and go back over them.


The extra-musical inspirational framework—that is evident in the beautiful titles—and the variety of musical styles elevate the pedagogical aims to a set of independent miniatures of delightful music that is a pleasure to browse.


Gálvez’s compositions for ukulele meaningfully contribute to the affirmation of the ukulele and its repertoire, and this wonderful study book is no exception.

Prof. Giovanni Albini

Composer, Ukulelist, Music Theorist

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Waltz in Progress
12 Original waltzes for solo ukulele

Waltz in Progress is a collection of 12 original waltzes for solo ukulele written by Choan Gálvez. Difficulty ranges from fairly basic fingerpicking to advanced playing. Styles include classical, romantic, jazz and even latin-american grooves and avant-garde harmonizations, but always within the realm of ternary rhythms. Shall we dance?


All of these waltzes are written for C6 re-entrant tuning and can be played on any sized instrument within a range of 12 frets.


This set was originally published as a set of videos in 2020-2021 with accompanying scores distributed through Choan’s Patreon site. Audio and video recordings of these pieces are available as a reference from


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